Access: HEAR/DARE/Mature

We believe education is for everyone. We have 12,900 students of varying abilities and backgrounds.

28% of our full-time undergraduate student population are mature students, students with disabilities and school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

We have the highest rate of mature student entrants in the university sector. 

Check out the presentations on our access routes (to the right) for HEAR/DARE and Mature access and if you have questions use the Q&A

Download HEAR Presentation [PDF]

Download DARE Presentation [PDF]

Download Mature Students [PDF]

Become Part of the Community

Coming to university is much more than attending classes and getting a degree. Part of your Maynooth Education is becoming part of a campus community, whether you commute from home or stay with us. We know life has various challenges of its own in addition to your studies so our community has various services, which we have divided into academic and personal supports which you may need at some point during your time at Maynooth. It can feel lonely if you’re struggling so it’s good to know what support is available and where to find it, even if it’s not for yourself.