Academic expertise is one thing but the real experts about all aspects of Maynooth life are the people that live it. We are very proud of our students and some of them have volunteered to answer your questions about what it’s like to study here.

If you have questions about the courses themselves feel free to ask and if you don’t want to ask we have course presentations on our site for you to view.

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We have a UNIQUE FLEXIBLE CURRICULUM that offers students many opportunities to personalise their degree programme

A Maynooth Education

Our Student Ambassadors

We are very proud of our students. They are our best representation and some of them have made themselves available to talk about their experiences at Maynooth.

If you see anyone you’d like to talk to specifically based on their information below, just ask for them in the chat. If not just ask your question and someone will pick it up.

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yOur Student’s Union (MSU)

“Our mission is to add colour to your experience here in Maynooth.”

Part of a Maynooth Education is a healthy social life and our university town has an active and vibrant Student’s Union to join.

Find out about membership benefits and joining your representative body in the University.

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Science with Education (MH212)

Chemistry and Mathematics


Bachelor of Arts (MH101)

English, History & Critical Skills


MKT Marketing (MH404)



Bachelor of Education (MH001)

Primary Teaching



Electronic Engineering (MH304)


International Business (MH404)


Accounting & Finance (MH403)


BA Media Studies & Criminology (MH109)


Bachelor of Science (MH201)

Biology & Chemistry


BSc Psychology (MH209)


LLB Law (MH501)


Bachelor of Science (MH201)

Biology & Chemistry


Bachelor of Arts (MH101)

Latin & Mathematics